No more lunchboxes
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No more lunchboxes

posted : 19/May/2018

Imagine what you could do with the extra time in the evenings or mornings if you didn’t have to prepare your little one’s lunch and snacks…?  Ms Janet, our newly appointed professional chef is giving you back that time!

At AppleBerries Early Education Service, we prepare and provide nutritious meals and snacks that fuel the growing bodies and minds of children.

Each week, we display in the foyer and on StoryPark the delicious menu options available for the following four weeks. Ms Janet loves menu planning and cooking food that is full of variety and healthy ingredients to fill those little tummies.

Some of the yummy meals you can expect your child to be eating includes:

  • Honey soy chicken & rice
  • Salmon/tuna cakes & vegtables
  • Spagetti bolognase
  • Fish and baked vegatables
  • Fried rice
  • Fresh sandwiches
  • Mini pizza muffins
  • Selection of seasonal fruit served with milk

Yum! Don’t you wish you take Ms Janet home to cook for the whole family?

The kitchen at AppleBerries allows us to introduce food related activities and teach our kids about meal preparation, food hygiene, measurement and portions of ingredients, various textures and colour of snacks and multicultural awareness of different meals and flavours.

If your child has dietary requirements, please do not hesitate to talk to us. We can accommodate for food allergies, medical conditions and religious beliefs. Ms Janet and our team of educators will ensure that all children receive safe and nutritious meals each day.

No more packing lunchboxes for you, leave it up to us! 


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