Meet The Team at AppleBerries

Meet The Team

Our team of educators at AppleBerries Early Education collectively have over 70 years of experience in early learning, and they take their time to understand each child.  Our team use their developmental observations, the children’s interests, and parent conversations to help build progressive goals for the children to ensure that they reach their developmental milestones.

All of our educators have families of their own and are qualified and engage in upskilling themselves regularly so that they can provide the best care and educational practices for your child. In addition, our Educators are crystal clear in their own "why", why do the do what they do. Watch our videos and get to know our AppleBerries early education team.

Terry King - Owner

Joanne Tutt - Centre Director

Leslie Forrest - Lead Educator

Amanda - Kindergarten Educator

Nina Ausage - Assistant Educator

Miss Kayley - Educator