Why we are unique - Apple Berries Early Education Centre

Our Programming

To ensure the best outcome for our children’s development we use our developmental observations, the children’s interests, and parent conversations and feed back to help build developmental goals for the children to ensure they reach their developmental milestones.  The developmental goals are achieved through the provision of programs that engage the children in active learning, whilst providing them with a play space to be self-creative. 

Along the way if you feel or your educator feels that your child may need additional assistance with their development and ability to meet their milestones and goals, we can access the Queensland Health units Parents Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) to have a health representative observe your child and give feedback on their development areas.  This will allow our educators and you, our parents, work together to help your child have the best start to their future.

Our Educators

Our family of educators here at AppleBerries Early Education Service are all passionate about the growth and development of your child and your family as a whole.  We have almost 70 yrs experience between us. 

Understanding your child and what helps them engage is at the forefront when the educators are observing and planning for the children.  All of our educators have families of their own and are qualified and engage in upskilling themselves regularly so that they can provide the best care and educational practices for your child. In addition, our Educators are crystal clear in their own "why", why do the do what they do.  

Our Facility

When you ask the educators or families what they love about our centre they will tell you ‘it just feel’s like home’.  We are very proud of this as it is a well-known fact that children will learn and develop much better in an environment where they feel safe and loved.   Inside our service you will find large sized studios filled with thought provoking play stations to stimulate the children’s learning. The children’s favourite part of the centre is our ‘backyard’.  We spend most days out here exploring the gardens, developing gross motor skills on the swings or climbing into the cubby house.  The slide is always popular with all ages and instigates turn taking with the children.  Our giant sandpit with the water tank and river bed is always busy.  All of these seemingly simple items in our backyard are children’s favourites and stimulate their imaginations into creating games with their peers, increase their imaginations, encourage self-expression and helps the children to be active and healthy.